SAKMA presents ONE & DUO UV-C + ARMS


Intelligent and safe disinfecting light element with the most advanced technology available.

Safe and Smart

SAKMA present ONE & DUO UV-C + ARMS (Area Radiation Measuring System) luminaires. Intelligent and safe disinfecting light fixtures with the most advanced technology available.

DUO UV-C is a revolutionary, ultra-slim lighting fixture that serves two purposes: it provides comfortable lighting, and it uses type C ultraviolet light to effectively eliminate all types of micro-organisms.

ONE UV-C is the perfect choice for those installations that already enjoy appropriate lighting but need to add a disinfection component as well.

ARMS* (Area Radiation Measuring System), developed by SAKMA, allows for monitoring, controlling, and auditing UV-C energy and exposure time, by means of DALI network sensors,  meeting health and sanitation guidelines and providing thorough disinfection of the surrounding space.

duo y one
Customer Safety

The health crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the worldwide economy. The lockdown of the general population and the closure of business establishments have led to new business models and new ways of doing things. In the matter of a few months most sectors have been forced to adopt new platforms and digitalization processes, which were unheard of before, in order to stay afloat in this new era. Thanks to digitalization and telecommuting, the majority of companies have been able to continue operating and offering their goods and services.

During this period, the R&D department of SAKMA has worked remotely against the clock in the design and development of a new range of products adapted to the new scenario in which the safety of the consumer is the greatest challenge.


DUO and ONE UV-C are state-of-the-art in-line suspended and surface lighting fixtures that include a germicidal light tube (ultraviolet type C 253,7nm) for disinfecting spaces.

The main features of these fixtures are as follows:

Lighting: The DUO UV-C model provides comfortable white light using LED technology, both monochromatic and Tunable White, illuminating the corresponding space according to photometry. Control and regulation are managed by DALI, ideal for existing home automation systems using this protocol.

Safe Disinfection

From the interior of both models of light fixture a germicidal tube is deployed (Patent Pending), emitting type C ultraviolet rays that eliminate micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and so on. The fixtures also include detectors to immediately deactivate the UV-C when people or animals are present in the space.

After disinfection is completed, the tube returns automatically to the interior part of the fixture, as a safety measure.

Finally, the fixtures also include a sound and/or light safety system to warn of the imminent activation of the ultraviolet disinfection system.

duo y one
Area Radiation Measuring System

Monitoring, control, and auditing using autonomous DALI network sensors, both in the DUO UV-C model in the lighting and disinfection mode, and in the ONE UV-C in the disinfection mode.

The fixtures provide precise distribution of the sensors for the space in question. The sensors receive and record the levels of optical radiation at a predetermined wavelength in association with the position coordinates of the device.

The instantaneous potency data received by the sensors and the accumulated energy are recorded and stored on a central unit (CORE), available for subsequent review and treatment.

The system software analyzes the data and responds by modifying the radiation time period of the DUO and/or ONE UV-C, ensuring that the cumulative energy recorded by the sensors matches the program designed to provide proper disinfection of the surrounding area, and confirming its success.


* Patent Pending

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