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Qatar, the small country that has turned its commitment to sports competitions into a hallmark of identity, has opened its doors at the Qatar Olympic and Sports 3-2-1 Museum, thus leading the dome of the great tributes to sport.

Joan Sibina
y marca España

The museum is located in a corner of the Al Khalifa International Stadium where the World Cup will also soon be held. Joan Sibina, the Spanish architect who, through a main structure, unites the stadium arch with the access tower to create such an architectural work, has not been the only Spanish involvement, several companies, including SAKMA, they have been in charge of interve-ning the rooms and interior corridors.


There are one thousand two hundred pieces exhibited over nineteen thousand square meters, among which we can find from Mohamed Ali's gloves to a Formula 1 car.

El honor de iluminar iconos de la cultura deportiva

Pieces are illuminated by more than six hundred and fifty SAKMA "custom downlights" units that ma-ke the perfect adjustment of light-dark lighting of the museum, more than a thousand units distri-buted in display cabinets with the most outstanding articles, more than two hundred and thirty units "custom tubes" of decoration in different rooms and two hundred curved modules that, divi-ded into forty luminaires of five meters each, receive visitors and accompany them throughout.



Custom illumination
SAKMA Electrónica Industrial S.A.U
Custom downlights, custom tubes y custom curved modules.
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