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The Auditorium of the "Escuela Industrial" of Barcelona is reborn.

A multipurpose space that has preserved all the original elements, and that has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology, that includes great acoustics, sound and lighting installation.

SAKMA light up
an heritage jewel.

SAKMA light up with zenithal lighting the renovated Auditorium of the "Escuela Industrial" of Barcelona.

The emblematic building, located in the well-known Eixample Esquerra de Barcelona, has a capacity of 598 persons, a useful area of around 3,635 square meter and has received an investment from the Diputació de Barcelona of about seven million euros.

Zenithal Lighting.
SPT 100S & SPT 100E

Within this macro project, SAKMA has been in charge to supply SPT 100S suspension luminaires and SPT 100E recessed luminaires for zenithal lighting. The SPT 100E luminaire are a 100% bespoke solutions for the project.

Both SPT 100S and SPT 100E are professional projectors with cutting-edge technology, minimalist design, tunable white, controlled by DMX and directed by RDM.

Tunable White.
Dynamism & Lighting Effects.

Due to these features, it is possible to create an infinity of lighting environments, both in flux and color temperature, to adapt the space to any event. In addition, through DMX control, you are able to create great dynamism and lighting effects that can be integrated into a specific shows and not only as general lighting.

Escuela Industrial of Barcelona

The "Escuela Industrial" of Barcelona was born at the end of the 19th century as a large cotton yarn and fabric factory: the Batlló and Batlló Brothers factory. Inaugurated in 1870, it had a short manufacturing life, but it stood out in that period for its size and the quality of its buildings. It was Rafael Guastavino who directed the construction works of the Batlló factory.

Today, 150 years later, after many interventions of restoration, reuse and conservation of this industrial complex by the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​it is still possible to enjoy an impressive architectural, modernist and industrial heritage.

Whithin this heritage, the historical auditorium has a unique value, a work that the architect Joan Rubió left unfinished and that now, 90 years later, the Diputació de Barcelona has restored recovering the space and transforming it into a multipurpose space. 

Elements and new features that add even more singularity to a space whose main hall now has a capacity of 598 persons, but in which seats can be dispensed, collected or even disassembled the stage. All under a 20 meters in diameter dome.

The rehabilitation of the Auditorium has been done by recovering its original elements -such as the wood of the ceiling or the stained glass-, and maintaining its main characteristics. As a result, we can find a great space equipped with the most advanced technology to be use for shows, conferences, congresses and so on


Escuela Industrial


Building Owner and Promoter
Diputació de Barcelona.
Jordi Campanillas Pinós, Xavier Fabré Carreras & Lluis Dilmé Romagòs
Technical Architect
Verònica Martínez Martínez
UTE Paraninf Escola Industrial & COMSA Instalaciones y Sistemas Industriales SLU
Structural Collaborator
Estudio M103 SLP
Audiovisual Collaborator
Gobelin Projectes SL
Stained Glass Collaborator
J.M. Bonet Vitralls SL
Facilities engineering
Pegi Engineering SL
Acoustic Engineering
I2A Ingenieria Acústica y Audiovisual
Audiovisual Integrator

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