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Four decades

This year, December is a month of greater celebration for us. Our director, Mr. Angel Sanabra, with a long history and his entrepreneurial soul, created SAKMA in 1982, and in 1988 it becomes an Anonymous Society, S.A.

Today, December 2022, we take a walk through the history and the evolution that has led SAKMA to be what it is today.


SAKMA begins as a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of printed circuits, electronic boards and engineering services for third parties. However, in 1999 it began to develop and manufacture its own LED elements for electronic signage sectors, a first contact with the most original form of technology, innovation, research and development.


The company evolves, brings together great specialists to form a team of experts, with the same non-conformist concerns, capable of embarking on increasingly complex technical challenges.

In 2007, the export department was created that allows other countries to have these services. International business in England, Germany, Holland, Portugal and the Middle East stand out.


In 2010, Sakma made official its work in designing lighting solutions by enabling its R+D+i department.

A team of engineers from different specialties, exclusively dedicated to providing innovative lighting solutions, led by Salvador Mauri.

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