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Art, technology and engineering blended in a process that enables the design and creation of limitless unique art installations.

By Atelier Mel

Atelier MEL
& Innovation

Since early 2014 Atelier MEL has been devoted to the creation of unique artworks working at the intersection of artistry and digital design technology. Based in Spain, its multidisciplinary team of designers and craftsmen work hand in hand to create exclusive art installations on projects worldwide. The team entered the world of artwork design attracted both by the uniqueness of artistry and the huge potential of cutting edge design and fabrication tools.

As pioneers on parametric design, Atelier MEL collaborates with interior designers, and architects to close the process chain that links a complex art concept to its materialization reaching new heights of creativity, efficiency and quality.

Atelier MEL
& Technology

SAKMA has collaborated on numerous occasions with Atelier Mel, and they have developed a set of mosaic collections that allow the creation of always unique pieces based on a modular concept that integrates traditional artisan techniques with advanced LED technology in a single product.

The composition of the glass pieces, their colour, and the position of the light points make each design unique.

Atelier MEL

We love challenges. We differentiate ourselves by the desire to create and make customized products.

Hand by hand with engineers, designers and artists we make what they have all dreamed of creating come true.

In our facilities we give life to unique pieces that adapt to each project.

Atelier MEL


Madrid, España
Lighting Engineering
Atelier Mel
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