Si le temps est un lieu by Pablo Valbuena


The exhibition "Si le temps est un lieu" by Pablo Valbuena was held from the 19th of January to the 24th of March 2019, at the Centquatre-Paris art center.

Quentin Chevrier

At the Centquatre, Pablo Valbuena created a monumental installation for the Aubervilliers Hall and showed several existing artworks, some of which unknown.

Ephemeral and immersive sculptures, Pablo Valbuena’s works are generally conceived according to the spaces that welcome them, whether they be public spaces or museum rooms. For each artwork, be it monumental or not, the artist fashions sound, light and movement, ephemeral and intangible materials. Using simple elements – lines, dots, notes, geometrical shapes – and technical tools of great precision, he plays with the intensities, the scales and the motifs to create artworks that are as spectacular as they are minimalistic. Inserted in a familiar architecture, they underline it whilst also going further.

Quentin Chevrier
Pablo Valbuena & SAKMA

To carry out the lighting project, SAKMA, together with Pablo Valbuena, created two different types of lighting solution, both 100% custom made.

The works of art are minimalistic, clean and perfect – augmented architecture -, but at the same time we find ourselves submerged organically within the lines, the light and the rhythm of the pieces. A virtual and realistic experience is superimposed on us, helping us acquire an intense, very personal perception of time and space.

© Quentin Chevrier

Quentin Chevrier
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