SAKMA specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of custom-made lighting solutions using LED technology, collaborated with Pablo Valbuena to carry out several of his latest projects, among them, "Si le temps est un lieu". The exhibition "Si le temps est un lieu" was open from the 19th of January to the 24th of March 2019, at the Centquatre-Paris art center. At the CENTQUATRE, Pablo Valbuena created a monumental installation for the Aubervilliers Hall and shows several existing artworks, some of which unknown. Ephemeral and immersive sculptures, Pablo Valbuena’s works are generally conceived according to the spaces that welcome them, whether they be public spaces or museum rooms. For each artwork, be it monumental or not, the artist fashions sound, light and movement, ephemeral and intangible materials. Using simple elements – lines, dots, notes, geometrical shapes – and technical tools of great precision, he plays with the intensities, the scales and the motifs to create artworks that are as spectacular as they are minimalistic. Inserted in a familiar architecture, they underline it whilst also going further.
Based on a study of space, time and perception, Pablo Valbuena creates a double score, audio and visual, that restructures a venue by fashioning our sense of space and time. In his sculptures and installations, the virtual is not opposed to the real. On the contrary, their overlapping suggests a parallel architecture to the visitor, an augmented space in perpetual transformation where the boundaries between reality and what is perceived disappear. Totally immersed, the spectator is led into a fictional space in which he/she may create his/her own story.

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To carry out the lighting project, SAKMA, together with Pablo Valbuena, created two different types of lighting solution, both 100% custom made. The works of art are minimalistic, clean and perfect – augmented architecture -, but at the same time we find ourselves submerged organically within the lines, the light and the rhythm of the pieces. A virtual and realistic experience is superimposed on us, helping us acquire an intense, very personal perception of time and space. The artist in a very precise way manipulates the space, time and movement. Customizing public spaces to fill them with light, his work becomes untouchable and unreachable but very present. It is difficult to explain the experience because of the personal level it proyects. We do not all perceive the light in the same way, we do not even have the same concept of its reality.


Pablo Valbuena (born in Madrid in 1978) is a visual artist whose work mainly deals with the study of space and the way in which we perceive it. Trained as an architect, his beginnings as a designer for video games and films led him to research how spatial concepts are applied in virtual contexts. His artistic track record, which really took off from 2007, uses these factors, concentrating specifically on the development of projects in which digital images are superimposed on physical spaces. Transforming existing architectural elements by the use of light in movement, Valbuena manages to alter our perception. He superimposes a plane of information on existing physical structures which changes them dynamically. In short, he makes the real and virtual worlds exist and interlink within the same time and space.


© Quentin Chevrier