Pryconsalab is a multipurpose and open space of 190 m2, designed by the Pryconsa company and planned for presentations, celebrations, training courses, conferences and special events. Also, it includes a healthy living area available for the employees.

The interior design project, led by the prestigious architecture firm A-Cero, aims to achieve a modern and flexible space needed for today's professionals.

The project is mainly characterized by its open and luminous areas, and the implementations of the company's corporate colours. The range of colors are presented in different elements such as furniture, luminaries walls, etc. An urban environment, together with the concept of “lab”, as the client wanted, is present in all the areas.

According to the A-cero interior design department: “The lighting project, by SAKMA, is very important, because as part of the concept, the luminous spaces are present and equipped with dynamism on the ceilings, with linear elements as of luminaries that perfectly match the conductive thread of the entire space”.

For SAKMA, one of the most important challenges of this project, was the integration of the 28 W/m Light Stick linear luminaire, within the wooden slats that run throughout the space, complying with all the regulations of the technical building code for offices, both in luxes and visual comfort UGR<19.


The visual comfort of the luminaries and the flexibility of the facilities allow an inspiring environment for the creation of great ideas.

Work and relaxation areas mixed in this space, which stands out for the large windows that fill the space with natural light, while offering unique views of the city of Madrid.



Client: Prycomsa
Architecture Studio: A-cero
Installer: Emecesa
Lighting Engineering: SAKMA
Pictures: ©Iker López