According to Rafael de La-Hoz Architecture Studio “Oxxeo It is a freestanding building, with a triangular floor plan, following an innovative architectural concept that takes the load-bearing structure to the outside of the building forming a latticework, which in turn protects the façade from direct sunlight.

SAKMA has been in charge to light up the entrance and common areas of the building, forming part of this amazing macro project.


Designed with environmental responsibility firmly in mind, the building already holds the prestigious Platinum LEED pre-certification, the highest distinction awarded by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Moreover, the building holds an A energy rating.

As part of oxxeo’s commitment to accessibility and social diversity, the building will hold DIGA System accessibility certification (Level of Accessibility Hallmark), created and awarded by the Shangri-La Foundation”.

The building has a surface area above ground covering 14,229 m² distributed over five floors.



The lighting at the entrance and common areas must be attractive, modern and must to be integrated into the architecture, as in this case, in which the architectural and lighting design have been conceived together.

To create continuous lines of light between the wooden slats of the ceiling, which give character to the entrance, the modular luminaire LSK from SAKMA was used. This type of fixture provides a uniform, homogeneous and high-performance light, without glare. LSK is very suitable for this type of application since the luminaire perfectly get integrated into the structure, without changing the architecture of the space.


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On the roof of the five common floor areas of the building, stretch fabric (Barrisol) was used. To enlighten and create a homogeneous diffusion of light of the whole ceiling, Light Stick Extreme from Sakma were installed. This lighting system is very comfortable, because it resembles natural light and makes the space look wider and taller.

Finally, to highlight the perimeters of the building, our Light Stick Standard were placed.

Light Stick is a versatile linear lighting range for indoor applications, designed to provide decorative effects. This system is mainly characterized by its small dimensions, high performance and easy installations.



Client: GMP
Architecture Studio: Rafael de la-Hoz
Engineering: JG Ingenieros
Builder: OHL