Miquel Liso

He turned his love of Rally and photography into an art with which he has shown us a unique vision of racing. He is currently a renowned photographer of Formula 1.

The study

Sakma has illuminated the studio of Miquel Liso in Manresa. We have used Nozzle 70 for accent lighting, LSK 74 for the working area, Comet 45 for projecting light to large format paintings and Light Stick for highlighting architectural elements of the place giving an indirect light. All them controlled by Dali.

Nozzle 70

To illuminate his works and unique pieces of the world of Formula 1, Nozzle 70 has been used. It is a recessed luminaire with a body made in aluminum and adjustable thanks to two axes of movement. It is available with different optics, in two degrees of inclination and in different finishes. It has excellent light quality with a CRI> 90.