With its latest artistic venture, La Prairie continues its series of collaborations with international artists. The Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena has created a lighting installation that speaks to La Prairie’s own design aesthetic – to offer a completely singular, extraordinary, immersive experience that underscores the singular shape of light. The installation was presented last 5th and 6th of December at Art Basel in Miami Beach as part of La Prairie’s continuing partnership with the world’s premier art fair.


To carry out this amazing artwork, a total of 25 aluminium 4 meters’ high columns rooted in the sand, were designed and manufactured to emulate the movement of sea waves. Each column consists of 4 faces of 80 LEDs/face, of 4000 K. In total 8,000 points of light controlled LED by LED, through DMX, are moving softly up and down the poles in a fluid pattern that mimicks a wave. The visual experience was enhanced by the sound of the ocean, only feet away from the installation.


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Even though it was just two days show and due it had to be placed in a harsh environment condition, the ruggedness of the set was a very important point, since the installation invites guests to fully immerse themselves in the Shape of Light.



“Wave depicts a sculptural volume unfolding over time – the Shape of Light seized in perpetual movement. It uses ephemeral and intangible materials – light and sound – and can be traversed by the observer, immersing them into the shapes cast by the undulating light columns. The work creates a malleable experience of scale: it shifts between object and environment depending on the observer’s position inside, outside, or at the boundary of the installation,” Pablo Valbuena added.


Client: La Praire.
Project: Array [wave].
Artist: Pablo Valbuena.
Year: December 2019.
Location: Miami Beach.
Lighting engineering: SAKMA.
Pictures: Image courtesy of Pablo Valbuena & La Prairie.