ARMS SYSTEM (Area Radiation Measuring System)

SAKMA has developed ARMS (Area Radiation Measuring System), a monitoring and inspection system of UV-C energy, which ensures and verifies that the disinfection of spaces with UV-C radiation is carried out correctly.

UV-C Radiation

In the current situation, private companies, residences, shopping malls or public institutions want to offer maximum security and provide spaces free of microorganisms.

This requires a constant, safe and effective disinfection system.

The International Ultraviolet Association, founded in 1990, supports the use of Ultraviolet-C radiation for the inactivation of microorganisms or pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, damaging their structure so that they cannot replicate in contact with our cells.

The use of ultraviolet radiation is very effective, but misuse can be harmful to health.

Safety is essential and several factors must be considered: Inspect that there is no one in the room, measure the space to be disinfected, the power and radiation time.


So how do we make sure it's done correctly?

SAKMA has developed ARMS (Area Radiation Measuring System), a monitoring and inspection system of UV-C energy, which ensures and verifies that the disinfection of spaces is carried out correctly.

Placing sensors strategically, a special software allows you to monitor and record all processes taking place: emitted radiation, received radiation, working time, interaction between luminaires, alarms and notifications to the maintenance department.

All equipment (sensors, luminaires and gateway) communicate using standard DALI protocol. Therefore, ARMS system is compatible with other existing luminaires.

The instantaneous potency data received by the sensors and the accumulated energy are recorded and stored on a central unit (CORE), available for subsequent review and treatment.

The system software analyses the data and responds by modifying the radiation time period of the UV-C fixture, ensuring that the cumulative energy recorded by the sensors matches the program designed to provide proper disinfection of the surrounding area, and confirming its success.



The ARMS system integrates seamlessly with ONE and DUO UV-C.

ONE and DUO UV-C are state-of-the-art in-line suspended and surface lighting fixtures that include a germicidal light tube (ultraviolet type C 253,7nm) for disinfecting spaces.


The main features of these fixtures are as follows:

Lighting: The DUO UV-C model provides comfortable white light using LED technology, both monochromatic and Tunable White, illuminating the corresponding space according to photometry. Control and regulation are managed by DALI, ideal for existing home automation systems using this protocol.


Safe Disinfection

Safe disinfection: From the interior of both models of light fixture a germicidal tube is deployed (Patent Pending), emitting type C ultraviolet rays that eliminate micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and so on. The fixtures also include detectors to immediately deactivate the UC-C when people or animals are present in the space.

After disinfection is completed, the tube returns automatically to the interior part of the fixture, as a safety measure.

Finally, the fixtures also include a sound and/or light safety system to warn of the imminent activation of the ultraviolet disinfection system.


ARMS, ONE and DUO UV-C represent a lighting solution based on 35 years of ever-expanding know-how and on the ‘DNA’ of SAKMA: technology, mechanics, electronics, and a passion for light. A perfect combination for trusted products of quality.

SAKMA, is a multidisciplinary engineering based in Barcelona that through design, development and manufacture of bespoke solutions, make lighting something more than just light. For us, light is not a tool, but a feeling. An energy that we masterfully transform in projects, like the one here, that surprise and delight.